Natasha Kelly, Clinical Hypnotherapist (EMDR and EFT Therapist)London
London College Clinical Hypnosis

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis Membership number: 14852

It started with a dream- literally!
In 2012 I had the good fortune of having a spontaneous lucid dream. I woke up feeling totally confused but fascinated. What had just happened?  I had no idea and I had never experienced anything like it before but I was eager to find out more. The dream had offered me many  insights and problem-solving ablilities. I realised that our minds had the capability to heal our bodies and to show us things that we were not even aware of knowing.  I decided to go on a journey of discovery to find out as much as I could about the subconscious mind.

My first trip was to Rishikesh in India where I competed a course in Yoga and Meditation at a local ashram. It was here that I met a lady who told me about a centre in Peru that she highly recommended I visit.

Peru was my next point of call. I travelled into the Amazon and visited a Shaman who taught me about drumming, plants and their amazing healing properties. Although the practices and rituals were different I realised that just like with people, there were more similarities than differences.

When I came back to London I decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist. I did this at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, where I work a few days a week.

I now spend my time teaching, writing articles, volunteering as a therapist at Anxiety UK and working as a clinical hypnotherapist.