Natasha Kelly, Clinical Hypnotherapist (EMDR and EFT Therapist)London
London College Clinical Hypnosis

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis Membership number: 14852

Frequently asked questions

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    What will happen in a hypnotherapy session?
    the first session will involve a consultation where personal information will be gathered and a discussion about requirements and goals will take place. Subsequent sessions involve an induction and change work techniques that may involve agreed upon suggestions, visualisations or parts therapy, etc.
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    How much will it cost?
    Sessions are £90 Package of 5 £350 Package of 3 £240 .
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    How often will I need to visit?
    Once a week or once every two weeks.
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    How can I book?
    Online, through an email enquiry or by calling.
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    How many sessions will I need?
    The duration will depend on the circumstances. Smoke cessation sessions will generally take 2 to 3 hours. Sessions can be extended or decreased depending on how you feel and what your needs are.
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    Do you offer free phone consultations?
    Yes, free 15 minute phone consultations are available on 07490 467 465.
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    How long does a session last?
    In general, around 60 minutes.
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    How can I get more information?
    Find extra information in the Blog section. Alternatively, email using the form below.
If you have more questions please contact us