Natasha Kelly, Clinical Hypnotherapist (EMDR and EFT Therapist)London
London College Clinical Hypnosis

British Society of Clinical Hypnosis Membership number: 14852

Uses of Hypnosis

Weight Loss
If you find it hard to maintain a healthy weight and you're often eating without feeling satisfied, its probably because you are not actually hungry to begin with.
Hypnotherapy can help you look at the disowned emotions of stress that trigger your urge to eat.

When you become conciously aware of your inner critic, you can bring it under control and change it into an inner mentor. Hypnotherapy can help individuals notice all the ways in which they undermine themselves through words, thought or behaviour.
Anxiety is a very common issue. Ironically, many people fear both failure and success. A little worry can be useful but prolonged worry can be debilitating 
Hypnotherapy helps individuals get out of the cycle of rumination and negative thought processes to bring about a new perspective and sense of calm.
Phobias often begin early in life. Most fears are learned behaviours. A traumatic experience and brain chemicals influence the development of the phobia. Hypnotherapy can help with desensitization to the object or situation and the formation of new habits.